Aug 20, 2012

Traditional Black Forest Cake

Did You Know? 

The Traditional Black Forest Cake (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte) consists of several layers of chocolate cake brushed with Kirsh syrup, and whipped cream and cherries between each layer. Then the cake is decorated with additional whipped cream, cherries, and chocolate shavings. 

Historically - The Black Forest Cake name resembles the traditional clothing worn by women of the Black Forest: a black skirt and bodice (the chocolate) over a white blouse (the whipped cream), topped off with a wide flat hat covered with red pompoms (the cherries).


Chocolate chiffon cake (3/8 inch thick)
Kirschwasser Simple Syrup
Whipped Cream (Sweet)
Brandy Soaked tart Cherries
Chocolate curls (as needed)
Cherries (as needed)

Moisten each cake layer with syrup during assembly

Place first cake layer on 8-inch cake circle. Moisten, and then spread a 1/2 inch layer of whipped cream evenly over cake, dot with Brandy Soaked tart Cherries

Place second cake layer on Cherries and Whipped Cream; moisten and repeat with more Whipped Cream and Brandy Soaked tart Cherries

Place third cake layer on Cherries and Whipped Cream. Moisten and ice top and sides with more Whipped Cream.

Freeze torte for about 30 minutes, until firm

Smooth any defects. Pipe rosettes and shells decoratively on the top of the torte and garnish with Chocolate Curls and Cherries.

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