Sep 13, 2011

Crab Rangoon

By and In Memory of Joshua Welsh

1 package of Wonton Wrappers  These can be found in the health food section of your local grocer, and while I normally would never even recommend going close to this section... it's okay just this once, the cream cheese will balance it all out.
1 brick of cream cheese, and don't you dare think about using the light.
1 bunch green onions, you just need to cut the green part into little pieces and throw that onion end away... no one needs onion breath at a special occasion
1 can white lump crab meat, don't try and get all fancy and use the real good crab or that fake crab that looks like play doe.

You can add some pepper or Chinese Five Spice if you want or some hot pepper for a little kick, and God knows you could probably use a good kick.

Now you just mix all the above together, with the exception of the wonton wrappers, till it forms a fatty paste. Now you take the wrappers and put a tablespoon or so of the filling in the middle. Then wrap the wontons around the filling, you will need to brush a little bit of water on the wrapper to help it seal (you can steal a water color brush from one of your kids for this).

Once you have all the little "pillows of Joy", as I like to call them, filled just drop them in a really hot deep fryer till they get golden brown. Serve warm with the sauce below.

The sauce is easy; you take one jar of sweet and sour sauce and add in some soy sauce or peanut sauce to cut the sweetness, stir and its ready for dippin'. You can also go by the local Chinese Restaurant and steal a whole bunch of those little packets for this, they might look at you funny but you save a few bucks.

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