Mar 19, 2012

Easy Homemade Laundry Soap

6 C Borax
8 C Baking Soda
1 C Coarse Kosher Salt
1 Bar Zote Soap (shredded)
1-2 TSP of Fragrance or Essential Oils

Mix all ingredients together and store in a container.  Use 2-4 ounces per wash, depending on load size. 2 ounces for smaller loads and 3-4 for large loads.

* Washing Soda maybe used in place of Baking Soda. I personally use Baking Soda because is less harsh.
* Zote soap can be found in the laundry isle and it's a big pink bar with a white and pink wrapping.
* Coarse Kosher Salt is a non-iodized, granulated salt compacted into coarse flakes. This product contains a water soluble anti-caking and water softening agent.
* Can I use in a HE (High Efficiency) Washer?  I have heard from others that it works fine in their HE machines because the homemade laundry soap has almost no suds, which similar to how HE detergents are formulated. I don’t own a HE washer but if I did, I would feel comfortable trying the homemade laundry soap in the machine.

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